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New Amsterdam Theatre | New York, New York


Attention theatre lovers! This February, New York will be the grandest stage in the entire New York. Mark Saturday 10th February 2024 in your calendars and start counting the days till one of the most avidly anticipated events in local theater! After being discovered with Jasmine, Aladdin is sentenced to death, but Jafar saves him by ordering him to fetch a lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Where there’s a lamp, there’s a Genie, and once Aladdin unwittingly lets this one out, anything can happen! Will Aladdin’s new identity as “Prince Ali” help him win Jasmine’s heart and thwart Jafar’s evil plans? Will the Genie’s wish for freedom ever come true? On that day, the sensational New Amsterdam Theatre will be packed with theatre enthusiasts savouring the amazing Aladdin performance. This might be a unique opportunity to experience this musical in New York as the troupe is very busy traveling and performing all over the country. Don’t miss out! Make sure to get your tickets before they sell out and don’t forget to bring your friends and family too.

Re-live those early 90s classic musical songs' straight from the movie, this is, Disney’s Aladdin live right here at New Amsterdam Theatre in New York on Saturday 10th February 2024. Come with New Amsterdam Theatre on an epic journey with the gorgeous Princess Jasmin, the most lovely Princess in all of Arabia! Born a Princess in the great City of Agrabah, the world is literally her oyster, anything she demands is hers, a new pony, a matching set of camels, the finest clothing, in the finest satin, in all the land. Jasmin the Princess, ensnared in her gilded cage, the only thing she really desires is love, but how will she ever get to meet the man of her dreams? The unlikeliest of things happen out in the blasted sands, and just as Princess Jasmin has lost all hope of finding love, along comes the beautiful Prince Ali, to carry her away on his magic carpet, show her a whole new world! Unbelievable sights! But, life is not always fair, just as the striking Jasmin believes she is getting everything she ever dreamed of, Jafar, the evil court Vizier seizes control of the palace and steals her away to be his unwilling bride! Oh, Aladdin! How will you free her? Buy your tickets to Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre for an epic night out!

Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre

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