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New Amsterdam Theatre | New York, New York


This year is your lucky year as Aladdin is going to be bursting onto the stage at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Saturday 28th October 2023. Recognized as one of the best theatre to EVER hit the stage, Aladdin is a live-stage experience you cannot afford to miss. And the good luck keeps coming as you can be there to sing along to it as tickets are still up for grabs! Book your tickets now to have seats on Saturday 28th October 2023 to join in on the famous story of Aladdin with the Genie, Princess Jasmine and Abu joining him on his journey.

The animation enraptured people across the world in the early 90’s and has become a favourite animation from Disney Studios. Now, the magic of Aladdin has been refreshed in Aladdin and will be the live action magical musical you must to be a part of. Make sure you secure your tickets without delay and be at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Saturday 28th October 2023 for the most magical night of your 2023.

Brace yourself, because Aladdin - The Musical is the pinnacle of Broadway musicals! In New York, New York on the specified date, the doors of the New Amsterdam Theatre will usher in audiences, welcoming them to occupy their places and enter into a realm of wonder, love, and optimism.

Aladdin - The Musical has earned its place as an unforgettable musical, fusing spectacular performances with magical elements, infusing even additional sparkle, groove, and joy to the evergreen adventure of Aladdin.

The team is made up of a outstanding group of performers, each taking on the cherished characters that charmed us in the 1992 animated masterpiece, revitalizing the brave Aladdin, the assertive and brave Princess Jasmine, the epic, confident Genie, and many more!

At its core, Aladdin narrates the tale of a humble street rat whose fortunes alter when he's judged a ‘diamond in the rough’ by the malicious and self-centered Jafar.

The shimmering and captivating production will transport you to the enchanted landscapes of Agrabah, recreating the city's streets, the enchanted Cave of Wonders, the abyssal sea depths, and the towering heights of the skies, all upon a enchanted carpet – you absolutely cannot overlook to let this pass!

The music will blend beloved classics like ‘A Whole New World’ and ‘Friend Like Me’ with original compositions created by the eight-time Oscar-winning maestro, Alan Menken. The live orchestra, under Menken's guidance, will animate the narrative and inject a dash of vividness into the performance, making the Aladdin live show an truly remarkable memory.

Now is the optimal time to reserve your spot at the Aladdin live show. So, accept your invite to embark on a journey to the kingdom of puzzlement, sorcery, and reveal the boundless potential hidden within a threesome of aspirations, as well as the real strength of a kept vow. The date is the specified date, and the place is the New Amsterdam Theatre, so don't delay and secure your spot now! It's promised to be the best night of your whole 2023.

Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre

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