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Prepare yourself this 2023 as Aladdin will be exploding onto the stage of the New Amsterdam Theatre on Thursday 26th October 2023 for a spectacle of theater that captures the dazzling tale of Aladdin. The escapades of Aladdin are a huge animation release from Disney Studios. People fell in love with the depiction of the adventure of a orphan who goes on an adventure across the dusty dunes of Agrabah, where the discovery of the gift of three wishes alters his life forever. Aladdin is the live-on-stage musical that you really must experience! With the stunning set designs put together with the poignant performances and emotive music you will travel a whole new world on a flying carpet that will give you the time of your life. Tickets are on sale right now, so buy yours today before it’s too late!

Aladdin is the great production that lets people be a part of the tale of Aladdin. With the 1992 animation of Aladdin from Disney Studios being the blueprint for Aladdin, the production crew make a world on the stage that captures the adventures of Aladdin in a captivating way that will convince you that you have been transported to the Aladdin’s home, Agrabah.

The scenes capture the beauties and mysteries of the world of Aladdin from the dark Cave of Wonders, to the luxurious palace, and the hot streets of the city. The cast dressed in the gorgeous outfits will bring the characters to life and be a feast for the eyes. The music of the show was written by 8-time Oscar winner, Alan Menken, and whilst still holding beautiful versions of classic songs, such as Friend Like Me, the unique scores played by the live orchestra create an extra injection of magic to the show. Aladdin will be a joy for your soul and remind you of the power of wishes.

The New Amsterdam Theatre is the best place to enjoy Aladdin, with its original features and great setting, you can really make Aladdin not just a great night out, but a great trip in New York that will enhance your whole 2023. There is a large choice of places to eat that will make your visit unforgettable. So, dive into the magical tale of how ’diamond in the rough’ Aladdin discovers the truth of treasure, but in an unexpected way and the true worth of love and the true meaning of magic, as he discovers a powerful Genie, a strong headed princess and discovers a whole new world. What more could you wish for? Book your seats for Aladdin and guarantee you don’t miss out on the wonder of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and the magic carpet.

The place to be is New Amsterdam Theatre on the Thursday 26th October 2023. You will not regret making sure you are there to enjoy Aladdin, so book your places now!

Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre

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