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New Amsterdam Theatre | New York, New York


Ready yourself this 2023 as Aladdin will be erupting onto the stage of the New Amsterdam Theatre on Saturday 14th October 2023 for a wonder of musical theater that shows the epic story of Aladdin. The escapades of Aladdin are a huge animation release from Disney Studios. Watchers fell in love with the depiction of the tale of a street rat who goes on a journey across the sandy dunes of Agrabah, where the discovery of a magic lamp alters his life forever. Aladdin is the theatrical musical that you really need to see! With the gorgeous set designs put together with the amazing performances and timeless music you will travel a whole new world on a magic carpet that will give you the time of your life. Tickets are available right now, so buy yours today before it’s too late!

Prepare yourself, because the Aladdin live show is the pinnacle of Broadway musicals! In New York, New York on Saturday 14th October 2023, the entrance of the New Amsterdam Theatre will swing open audiences, welcoming them to take their seats and get carried into a world of enchantment, romance, and hope.

Disney's Aladdin has earned its place as an iconic musical, combining stunning theatrics with enchanting elements, providing even more vibrancy, rhythm, and delight to the classic adventure of Aladdin.

The ensemble consists of a stellar group of artists, every personifying the treasured characters that enchanted us in the 1992 animated masterpiece, breathing new life into the brave Aladdin, the assertive and brave Princess Jasmine, the grandiose, self-assured Genie, and many more!

At its core, Aladdin relates the tale of a humble street rat whose fortunes transform when he's considered a ‘diamond in the rough’ by the malicious and self-serving Jafar.

The glittering and captivating production will carry you to the otherworldly landscapes of Agrabah, recreating the city's streets, the mystical Cave of Wonders, the deep sea depths, and the towering heights of the skies, all upon a enchanted carpet – you absolutely cannot overlook to let this pass!

The music will merge beloved classics like ‘A Whole New World’ and ‘Friend Like Me’ with original compositions crafted by the eight-time Oscar-winning musical genius, Alan Menken. The performing orchestra, under Menken's guidance, will breathe life into the narrative and infuse a dash of vividness into the performance, making Disney's Aladdin an unquestionably remarkable memory.

Now is the optimal time to book your ticket at the Aladdin live show. So, RSVP to your invitation to start a voyage to the domain of enigma, wizardry, and uncover the boundless potential hidden within a trio of desires, as well as the true potency of a kept vow. The date is Saturday 14th October 2023, and the location is the New Amsterdam Theatre, so don't delay and secure your spot now! It's destined to be the most outstanding night of your entire 2023.

Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre

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