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When was the last time you saw a sensational theatre show? Whatever the answer, one thing is for sure - the next one will be on Friday 15th December 2023 at the iconic New Amsterdam Theatre! Quality theatre is coming back to New York with this astonishing performance of Aladdin! In the middle-eastern town of Agrabah, Princess Jasmine is feeling hemmed in by her father’s desire to find her a royal groom. Meanwhile, the Sultan’s right-hand man, Jafar, is plotting to take over the throne. When Jasmine sneaks out of the palace incognito, she forms an instant connection with Aladdin, a charming street urchin and reformed thief. The acting crew behind it is known for treating all the theatre-lovers with a delight with each and every show. And now they are coming to New York! Due to a history of sell-out events all over the state, it’s highly advisable that you get your tickets in time. They are on sale right now, so be fast!

Aladdin is the great show that lets audiences immerse themselves into the tale of Aladdin. With the 1992 movie of Aladdin from Disney Studios being the blueprint for Aladdin, the production squad make a world on the stage that captures the story of Aladdin in a captivating way that will convince you that you have been transported to the Aladdin’s home, Agrabah.

The designs conjure the beauties and magic of the world of Aladdin from the deep Cave of Wonders, to the gleaming palace, and the bustling streets of the city. The cast donned in the intricate costumes will bring the characters to life and be a delight for the soul. The music of the show was written by music extraordinaire, Alan Menken, and whilst still holding beautiful versions of popular songs, such as Friend Like Me, the unique scores played by the live band create an extra injection of magic to the show. Aladdin will be a delight for your senses and remind you of the strength of the truth.

The New Amsterdam Theatre is the best place to experience Aladdin, with its fantastic features and great location, you can really make Aladdin not just a great night out, but a great time in New York that will enhance your entire 2023. There is a wide choice of amenities that will make your trip amazing. So, fall into the magical story of how street rat Aladdin discovers the value of treasure, but in ways he didn’t expect and the true power of loyalty and the true meaning of magic, as he finds a powerful Genie, a strong headed princess and discovers a whole new world. What more could you wish for? Book your tickets for Aladdin and ensure you don’t miss the sparkle of Aladdin, Genie and the magic carpet.

The venue to be at is New Amsterdam Theatre on the Friday 15th December 2023. You will not regret making sure you are there to watch Aladdin, so book your tickets now!

Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre

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