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New Amsterdam Theatre | New York, New York


This year is your lucky year as Aladdin is going to be springing onto the stage at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Wednesday 1st May 2024. Famous for being one of the favorite theatre to EVER hit the stage, Aladdin is a theatrical show you better not miss out on. And the good luck continues as you can be there to experience it as tickets are on sale! Secure your tickets now to have seats on Wednesday 1st May 2024 to join in on the famous story of Aladdin with the Genie, Princess Jasmine and Abu joining him on his travels.

The animation ensnared people across the world in 1992 and has become a timeless animation from Disney Studios. Now, the enchanting tale of Aladdin has been captured in Aladdin and will be the in the flesh musical show you must to be a part of. Make sure you secure your seats without delay and be at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Wednesday 1st May 2024 for the best night of your 2024.

Re-live those early 90s classic musical songs' straight from the movie, this is, Disney’s Aladdin live right here at New Amsterdam Theatre in New York on Wednesday 1st May 2024. Come along with New Amsterdam Theatre on an outstanding journey with the striking Princess Jasmin, the most stunning Princess in all of Arabia! Born a Princess in the marvelous City of Agrabah, the world is literally her oyster, anything she wants is hers, a new pony, a matching set of camels, the finest clothes, in the finest satin, in all the kingdom. Jasmin the Princess, ensnared in her gilded cage, the only thing she really wants is love, but how will she ever get to meet the man of her dreams? The most unbelievable of things happen out in the desert, and just as Princess Jasmin has lost all hope of finding love, along comes the glorious Prince Ali, to carry her away on his magic carpet, show her a whole new world! Unbelievable sights! But, life is not always fair, just as the stunning Jasmin believes she is getting everything she ever wished for, Jafar, the evil court Vizier seizes control of the palace and steals her away to be his unwilling bride! Oh, Aladdin! How will you save her? Buy your tickets to Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre for an outstanding night out!

Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre

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