Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre

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New Amsterdam Theatre | New York, New York


Prepare yourself this 2024 as Aladdin will be crashing onto the stage of the New Amsterdam Theatre on Friday 3rd May 2024 for a spectacle of Broadway magic that tells the legendary tale of Aladdin. The adventures of Aladdin are a huge movie release from Disney Studios. Audiences fell in love with the depiction of the story of a diamond in the rough who goes on an adventure across the sandy dunes of Agrabah, where the discovery of the gift of three wishes alters his life forever. Aladdin is the live-on-stage musical that you really must experience! With the gorgeous costumes mixed with the poignant performances and emotional music you will journey to a whole new world on a magic carpet that will give you the time of your life. Tickets are on sale right now, so book yours today before it’s too late!

If you’re looking for an amazingly fun time for the whole family this 2024, then look no further than the live musical adaptation of Disney’s Aladdin. The hit Broadway musical made its way to New York, and you have the unique chance to experience it first hand on Friday 3rd May 2024. Breathtaking sets, mind-altering special effects, over 350 lavish costumes and a fabulous cast and orchestra brought the magic of Disney’s ALADDIN to life on the New Amsterdam Theatre stage. You don’t know what to expect? The production is brought to life in astounding fashion, with captivating lighting and backdrop. The props are larger than life, and the choreography and music pieces are majestic and awe-inspiring. And let’s not forget about the iconic magic carpet. A fully functioning automated magic carpet is featured in the production and undoubtedly will be one of the highlights of everyone’s evening. Get your ticket today.

Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre

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