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New Amsterdam Theatre | New York, New York


Prepare yourself for a spellbinding spectacle of the mysteries, magics and wonders of flying carpets, potent genies, a clever princess and a ‘diamond in the rough’ as Aladdin will be at the location for an event that will be remarkable and incredible. Leave your Tuesday 24th October 2023 free as that’s the day you desire to reserve your tickets for. Seize them up now before time expires and they’re all gone!

Based on the classic Disney animation, ‘Aladdin’, this on-stage rendition is a impeccable balance of Disney and theater wizardry that will leave you and your entire family awe-struck. The stage curtains will rise on the scene of the desert kingdom, Agrabah, where a ordinary street rat named Aladdin is presented and you will be whisked into the enchanted world where pledges are mightier than wishes. This is a essential-see show, so don’t linger and reserve your tickets for Aladdin - The Musical at the New Amsterdam Theatre now!

Aladdin is the astonishing production that lets theatre lovers fall into the adventures of Aladdin. With the 1992 movie of Aladdin from Disney Studios being the blueprint for Aladdin, the production squad create?craft a world on the stage that captures the tale of Aladdin in an immersive way that will make you believe that you have been transported to the desert kingdom, Agrabah.

The sets conjure the beauties and mysteries of the world of Agrabah from the mysterious Cave of Wonders, to the polished palace, and the manic streets of the city. The cast donned in the intricate outfits will bring the characters to life and be a delight for the eyes. The music of the show was written by 8-time Oscar winner, Alan Menken, and whilst still holding beautiful renditions of classic tunes, such as A Whole New World, the fresh scores performed by the live orchestra create an extra injection of magic to the musical. Aladdin will be a feast for your senses and remind you of the strength of love.

The New Amsterdam Theatre is the best place to enjoy Aladdin, with its fantastic equipment and central setting, you can really make Aladdin not just a great theatre trip, but a great time in New York that will enliven your whole 2023. There is a wide range of amenities that will make your trip fantastic. So, fall into the classic story of how street rat Aladdin discovers the value of treasure, but in an unexpected way and the true value of love and the real meaning of magic, as he finds a magical Genie, a determined princess and discovers a whole new world. What more could you ask for? Book your seats for Aladdin and make sure you don’t miss the magic of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and Abu.

The place to be is New Amsterdam Theatre on the Tuesday 24th October 2023. You will not regret spending your evening you are there to be a part of Aladdin, so book your seats now!

Aladdin at New Amsterdam Theatre

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